Tonight’s Big Brother spoilers as house erupts in nominations fallout


There’s drama on Big Brother 2023 tonight in the wake of the first nominations.

In this evening’s episode (13 October), the sixteen housemates are each called to the diary room individually to give their first nominations.

Each housemate is instructed to vote for one another housemate they want to see evicted.

Once the votes are totalled, it’s Kerry and Farida who end up facing the public vote.

Big Brother Farida

During the nominations, Farida was branded “rude”, “hard work”, “selfish” and accused of having “a hidden agenda” Kerry was said to be “loud”, “overpowering” and “patronising.”

Kerry reacts to the result: “It’s quite a nice place to be, because if you’re [still] here, you’re here because people want you here.”

Farida however complains: “To be honest, all the youngsters stuck together and they got out the eldest people…”

Big Brother Kerry

Noticing an apparent smirk from Olivia, Farida then snaps: “Don’t laugh because that’s not nice!”

Olivia reacts: “I’m not laughing at that, you’re you’re making it out as if we’ve all grouped against you.”

“No, that’s exactly what happened,’ Farida insists.

Big Brother Farida and Olivia argue

“But that’s not what happened,” Olivia replies.

As Kerry tries to defuse the situation, Olivia storms off: “I can’t be arsed with that… f**king hell!”

Elsewhere in this evening’s episode, Jenkin reacts to Big Brother about the nomination results: “I reckon, it’s gonna brew and the more that Kerry is saying she’s not bothered it’s going to sort of start to seem like she is… which might wind up Farida.

Big Brother Olivia

“It’s like the battle of the titans isn’t it, the two maternal figures.”

Big Brother 2023 continues nightly at 9PM on ITV2 and ITVX on Sunday – Friday nights.

AJ Odudu and Will Best host tonight’s first live show as either Kerry or Farida become the first housemate to get the boot.

They will then give their first interview to AJ & Will on spin-off show Bit On The Side.

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