Tonight’s Big Brother spoilers as Hallie loses her cool (16 October)

What happens on tonight's show

Here’s a spoiler-filled look ahead to tonight’s episode of Big Brother UK (16 October).

This evening’s latest instalment sees the start of this week’s shopping task, and the garden has undergone a whimsical transformation into ‘Big Brother’s Happy Happy Happy Camp.’

It now boasts a campfire, a portaloo, haystacks, and all the elements required to provide the ultimate camping experience for the housemates.

Kerry moans at Big Brother

Not everyone is as enthusiastic as Big Brother about this task. Kerry voices her opinion, saying, “This is the worst task ever.”

Nevertheless, Big Brother introduces the task with enthusiasm, welcoming housemates to the “Great British staycation” within the “happiest campsite ever.”

The instructions are straightforward: housemates must remain “happy, happy, happy” while immersing themselves in the great outdoors for the next few days. They’ll even have the opportunity to sleep under the stars, in true British staycation style.

As the day unfolds, housemates engage in a series of tasks designed to earn them the prestigious title of ‘VIP Glampers,’ which promises a more luxurious camping experience.

Among the activities is a tent setup challenge where they are divided into two teams, each racing to assemble their tents as quickly as possible.

The teams, composed of Olivia, Paul, Trish, Henry, Hallie, and Zak, compete to determine the victorious group.

Later, the rest of the housemates don waterproof jackets and stand in a circle in the garden as a sudden downpour soaks them all.

Big Brother housemates gathered outside

Despite the rain, Chanelle finds humour in the situation, exclaiming, “It’s just like being back in Barry Island!” The challenge continues with housemates enduring the storm, with the hope of becoming one of the coveted ‘VIP Glampers.’

Yet, not everyone is as thrilled about the camping-themed task as they encounter dropping temperatures and the prospect of sleeping outdoors.

Hallie fumes in the Diary Room: “Big Brother, I am not impressed. I want some food and I want to be a VIP glamper and I want a warm shower and I want a proper toilet.”

Big Brother airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2 and ITVX.

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