Tonight’s Big Brother spoilers as Dylan loses his cool with Kerry


Here’s your spoiler-filled look ahead to tonight’s Big Brother as Dylan and Kerry clash.

In tonight’s show, Big Brother calls the housemates to convene in the living area.

He announces: “Housemates. Get ready to strut your stuff for the fiercest runway show on Big Brother’s Big Catwalk. For the winners, VIP access to an exclusive party. Your outfits are ready in the storeroom.”

The participants then venture to a specially designed room, encountering a sizeable catwalk. The challenge? They must find the one true path across. Picking an incorrect step results in a messy gunge bath and a return to the start.


The first eight to make it across earn a spot at Big Brother’s VIP Party.

After their messy ordeal, the housemates head to the bathroom to rid themselves of the gunge. Dylan makes a beeline for the shower. Hallie voices: “I want to let Kerry go first.”

Jenkin turns to Noky: “Are you jumping in the shower?”

Noky answers: “Dylan’s using the shower.”

Dylan states: “Kerry, I’ll be in and out in a second love. I’ve got to use the chair for my leg.”

Kerry respond: “It’s fine, darling.”

Yet, whispers circulate as Kerry is heard saying: “Dylan, the gentleman.”

In a private moment in the Diary Room, Kerry shares with Big Brother: “I just said could I use the shower first because I am so worried about slipping. I don’t think Dylan must have heard me, bless him, and he went in there first and it was really slippy.”

Later, during a kitchen chat, Chanelle asks Dylan: “Is Kerry still upset?”

Dylan replies: “She’s upset about getting gunged. She got completely covered in gunge and then she felt bad because she thought she was going to be first in the shower but I’d jumped in. I need to use the disabled shower as well – what do you want me to do?”

Dylan adds: “I think it’s any excuse to make me look a c***.”

Elsewhere tonight’s there’s more from the Matty, Jordan and Henry ‘love triangle’.

Big Brother continues nightly at 9PM on ITV2 and ITVX.

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