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Big Brother ‘love triangle’ between Jordan, Henry and Matty continues

The apparent Big Brother ‘love triangle’ between Jordan, Henry and Matty continues tonight.


In this evening’s show, Jordan confides in Matty about Henry: “My husband has left me.

“He’s no longer there, just because I didn’t give him a kiss goodnight. He doesn’t like me flirting with younger models.”


Matty responds: “Let him be jealous.”

Later, housemates are called to the task room they are greeted by a giant catwalk runway.

Their challenge is to navigate the runway successfully, but there’s a catch – only one specific path leads to success. If any of the housemates step on the wrong tile, they will not only end up covered in goo but will also be sent to the end of the line.


The first eight housemates who manage to successfully cross the runway will earn an invitation to Big Brother’s exclusive VIP Party.

Jordan is one of the housemates who successfully gained access to Big Brother’s VIP Party while Henry was unsuccessful.

Speaking in the Diary Room, Henry complains: “I’m definitely really missing Jordan because I think I’ve got so used to being around Jordan in the house – having that comfort and relaxation of not needing to worry about what you say or how you behave.”

After returning from the party, Jordan is quick to find Henry.

Giving him a hug, Jordan says: “Henry, it’s been such a difficult night. I’ve been to hell and back in that room. They made me dance!”

Meanwhile, Matty is looking at the pair and Jordan catches his gaze.

Henry comments to Matty: “We were just having a sentimental moment.”


Jordan then leaves the conversation with Henry and heads over to Matty with the pair continuing to engage in playful banter before Jordan says: “Matty, you’re just so confusing.”


Elsewhere on tonight’s show, there’s a clash between Dylan and Kerry as they argue over the shower following the messy task.

Big Brother continues tonight at 9PM on ITV2 and ITVX.