All Together Now viewers were all thinking the same thing

All Together Now launched on BBC One tonight, and viewers were all thinking the same thing.

Hosted by comedian Rob Beckett, All Together Now is the brand new singing competition with a twist.

A range of talented performers will take to the stage to perform in front of The 100 – a unique panel of music experts and singers from all over the UK.

Each act will perform for The 100, willing them to vote with their voices, and stand up and join in. The greater the number that stand up and sing along, the higher the act’s score.

If any of The 100 like what they hear, they can stand up, join in and sing along. The greater the number that join in, the higher the act’s score.

At the end of the six-part series, one act will walk away with a £50,000 cash prize.

During the first episode, those watching on at home all had a similar thought about the show’s ‘100’ judges.

Away from the muppets comparisons, most viewers didn’t think too much of the new singing talent show.

“has a show ever been pulled mid broadcast #AllTogetherNow” one quipped.

However there were some fans out there.

@officialbarnsey tweeted: “So apparently I might be in the minority (at least according to twitter anyway) but I am really enjoying #AllTogetherNow ❤”

@scrumpymoet agreed: “I really like #AllTogetherNow! What a refreshing change of a programme ????”

All Together Now continues on BBC One Saturday nights.

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