The Voice UK 2019: Sarah Tucker wows coaches with Shawn Mendes cover

Sarah Tucker wowed The Voice UK 2019 judges with an amazing audition tonight.


The 34-year-old from Essex is a Mortgage broker and mum of two.

She told the cameras before her audition: “I started singing when I was 17. I gave it a really good go in my 20s but I wanted children so I had quite a big break.

“You do give your whole self to your kids and today is massive. I haven’t sung on a stage for about 9 years and now I’m about to sing on the biggest stage of my life.”

In this weekend’s show, Sarah stepped out onto the stage to sing for coaches, Jennifer Hudson, Olly Murs and Sir Tom Jones.

She performed In My Blood by Shawn Mendes and got all four coaches to turn.


You can watch her blind audition in the video above…

“You got four turns and I’ll tell you why you got four turns because that’s an incredible voice, Sarah. Absolutely amazing,” said Olly Murs. added: “You did a fantastic job. You gave your whole soul tonight. You really rocked it.”

Sir Tom Jones agreed: “You kept getting better, better and better. You think ‘That’s tremendous’ and then you went higher than that. You’re just a tremendous singer.”

Jennifer concluded: “I’m just blown away by your range. Your voice is amazing. Your voice kinda reminds me of Mariah a little bit. I was sitting here imagining all the songs I’d like to hear you sing.”

Picking between the four piece, Sarah delivered her decision: “I cannot honestly put into words how much I respect and admire all of you. I genuinely mean that, you’re all amazing.

“But there’s one person who I just to meet you is insane and I would like Jennifer Hudson to be my coach.”


Other contestants on The Voice UK this weekend included trio Nxt Gen and Jimmy Balito, who first auditioned for the show in 2018.

The Voice UK 2019 continues Saturday nights on ITV, hosted by Emma Willis.

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