The Voice UK: Jimmy Balito makes triumphant return after failed audition last year

Jimmy Balito returned to The Voice UK this weekend after a failed audition last year.


The 23-year-old from Essex previously auditioned for The Voice in 2018.

He performed Tom Odell’s Concrete for the judges but didn’t get any turns from the panel.

Returning to the show in this Saturday’s episode, Jimmy said: “Last year I auditioned for The Voice. I just wanted to go out there and nail the song. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a turn.

“You just have that awkward little silence and think ‘This is not going to come now’.

“It definitely hurt when I didn’t get a turn, it took something out of me. It was really difficult dealing with that knock of pride.


“But it’s made me learn a lot and I can’t live without music. I felt it was necessary to come back and heal a wound. It’s a massive thing to be back and I really hope they give me a turn this year.”

For his second blind audition, Jimmy performed Higher Love by Steve Winwood.

And this time around, Jimmy got not just the one turn but had both Sir Tom Jones and Jennifer Hudson spinning around for him.

Jimmy couldn’t hide his pleasure at the result, breaking down in tears on the stage in front of the pair and their fellow coaches Olly Murs and

“So you’ve come back and now you’re on The Voice!” declared Olly to Jimmy after he revealed his past experience on the show.

“You did it!” encouraged Jennifer. “Your voice is just so unique and beautiful. I just want to hear everything, I’m so glad you came back.

Sir Tom added: “I just love what you did. You don’t sound like you’re copying anybody.”


Choosing between Jennifer and Sir Tom, Jimmy announced “I’d really like to go with Tom.”

The Voice UK 2019 continues Saturday nights on ITV.

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