The Responder cast revealed in full for new BBC One drama

Meet the The Responder 2022 cast

The cast of new BBC One drama The Responder has been confirmed – here’s a full run down of who’s on the show.

The Responder is a new crime drama from ex-police officer Tony Schumacher, and his first original series for television.

The series follows, Chris, a crisis-stricken, morally compromised, unconventional police officer in Liverpool.

A teaser shares: “Whilst trying to keep his head above water both personally and professionally, Chris is forced to take on a new rookie partner Rachel. Both soon discover that survival in this high pressure, relentless, night-time world will depend on them either helping or destroying each other.”

The Responder 2022 cast

Here’s a full rundown of who’s on the cast of The Responder:

Martin Freeman plays Chris Carson
Adelayo Adedayo plays Rachel Hargreaves
Warren Brown plays Raymond Mullen

MyAnna Buring plays Kate Carson
Emily Fairn plays Casey
Josh Finan plays Marco

Rita Tushingham plays June Carson
Ian Hart plays Carl Sweeney
David Bradley plays Davey

Watch The Responder on TV and online

The Responder airs on BBC One. The final three episodes air nightly at 9PM on BBC One between Monday, 31 January and Wednesday, 2 February.

Alternatively, the full series of five episodes is available to watch online via BBC iPlayer here right now.

A synopsis of the opening episode shares: “Chris Carson is struggling – every night he drives a police response car in the city of Liverpool, dealing with everything from warring neighbours to druggies, and he’s also suffering from a breakdown brought on by stress at work, and wants to leaves his marriage.

“His wife, Kate, offers to pay for more counselling, but Chris rejects her help preferring to sort his own problems out, even though he is reaching breaking point.

“When an old school friend, Carl Sweeney, asks him to help find a young addict called Casey, Chris uses his local knowledge to locate her in a hideout in an alleyway.

“But when Casey tells him that she has stolen a bag of drugs and may be in danger, Chris offers to help, seeing a path to redemption in the young woman – if he can save her, perhaps he can save himself. Carl is furious with Chris for helping Casey escape – the bag of drugs that Casey stole isn’t actually his, and if Chris can’t help Carl find the bag, they are both in deep trouble.”