The Outlaws cast revealed in full for new BBC One series

Meet the The Outlaws 2021 cast

New comedy drama The Outlaws has arrived on BBC One – here’s a full run down of who’s on the cast.

The six-part series is written and directed by multi-award-winning Stephen Merchant

The Outlaws follows a disparate group of lawbreakers thrown together to complete a community service sentence. Seven strangers from different walks of life – people who would never normally interact – are forced to work together to renovate a derelict community centre.

They resent the menial physical labour and they resent each other. But when one of their number gets dragged into a dangerous world of organised crime, they unite in ways none of them thought possible.

The Outlaws 2021 cast

Here’s a full rundown of who’s on the cast of series 1 of The Outlaws

Jess Gunning plays Diane
Rhianne Barreto plays Rani
Gamba Cole plays Christian
Stephen Merchant plays Greg

Christopher Walken plays Frank
Eleanor Tomlinson plays Gabby
Clare Perkins plays Myrna
Darren Boyd plays John

Watch The Outlaws on TV and online

The Outlaws airs weekly on Monday nights at 9PM. The series has six, hour-long episodes.

The full series is currently available to watch online via BBC iPlayer here.

A full synopsis shares: “Removing graffiti at a dilapidated community centre under the watchful eye of jobsworth supervisor Diane, Rani finds herself interacting with very different people for the first time. Including people like Greg, the inept lawyer caught soliciting in a local car park, and Gabby, the socialite with 1.5 million followers who seems to have it all, but is prey to drink and drug problems.

“And then there is Christian, an unassuming young man with a complicated story of his own. Sole carer of his kid sister Esme, he’s trying and failing to keep her away from a local gang. To protect her, he ends up doing the bidding of the gang’s charismatic leader. This leads to him stealing a big bag of cash and hiding it in the very community centre where he and the other outlaws are working.

“But Christian doesn’t hide it well enough, and soon some of the other outlaws – including John (the right-wing blowhard businessman), Mryna (the radical activist stuck in the 1980s), and Frank (an unreformed con-artist and womaniser) – suddenly and accidentally take possession of a life-changing amount of money.

“Without realising it, Christian and the outlaws have placed themselves in the centre of a highly dangerous criminal turf war. And it will be Rani who ends up saving them.”

Picture: The Outlaws cast – (C) Big Talk/Four Eyes – Photographer: James Pardon

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