The Fortune Hotel set to return for second series

The Fortune Hotel cast group photo
The Fortune Hotel cast group photo

ITV is reportedly lining up a second series of its new reality game show The Fortune Hotel.

Presented by Stephen Mangan, the strategic guessing game wraps up this week after eight intense episodes, with one lucky pair leaving their luxury digs in Grenada £250,000 richer.

The show features ten pairs of contestants, each given a briefcase. One briefcase holds the massive prize, another contains an early checkout card, while the remaining eight are empty.

Contestants must decide whether to keep or swap their case, and at the end of each episode, one couple has to leave.

The show’s drama has been amplified by contestants engaging in devious scheming and forming alliances, captivating viewers with the ensuing in-fighting and suspicions.

The series has seen viewing figures climb over its two week run, and now reports suggest work has already begun to bring the show back.

A source revealed to The Sun: “Launching new formats is a gamble these days, and many promising shows have fallen by the wayside…

“That won’t be the case for The Fortune Hotel. Despite considerable spending, ITV is already working on plans for round two.”

Series 1 of The Fortune Hotel is currently available on ITVX.

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