The Circle results! Who left? One player blocked after ‘Assassin’ twist

The Circle 2021 results - who was blocked?

One more player has been eliminated from The Circle 2021 in tonight’s results – SPOILER!


Tonight saw the week’s new Assassin twist conclude with Gemma (aka James) having been set a secret mission to get Billy blocked from The Circle.

Gemma/James was set the task by host Emma Willis after losing out in a challenge on Monday night.

He was told as The Assassin he had 24 hours to get another player eliminated or be eliminated himself.

Tuesday’s episode (23 March) saw the Players rate for the latest time and it was Manrika and Andy who were voted most popular and became influencers.

Who left The Circle?

The pair were put in charge of who was blocked next. Unknown to them, if they didn’t block Billy it would mean that Gemma (James) would be blocked from The Circle.

In tonight’s episode (24 March), influencers Andy and Manrika choose to block Billy, meaning Gemma (James) will remain in The Circle.

Andy delivered the decision, saying: “We made this choice based on a number of suspicions about this player being a catfish.”

Before he left The Circle, Billy – who was very much not a catfish – got the chance to meet another player face to face the first time.


He got to meet Gemma – going to her flat to find burly James.

As a reward for succeeding in her mission, Gemma/James was made immune from the next blocking.

Billy had ranked last in the ratings after Gemma’s work to get him blocked.

There was a three-way tie in fourth place between Gemma (James), Syed (Hashu) and Vithun while Tally ranked in third.

Newbies Felix (aka Natalya) and Dot (aka Scott) were not rated but did rate.

The Circle currently airs at 10PM, Sunday to Fridays on Channel 4 and All4.

With the ability to hide their true identity the challenge is to be voted as the most popular player by their fellow contestants. The players chosen as the least popular in weekly ratings will find themselves blocked from The Circle and eliminated from the show.


They can decide to play as themselves, choose to hide certain things or even take on a completely new identity in order to deceive their competitors with a £100,000 prize up for grabs.

You can catch up now on the current and past series with All 4.

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