The Circle reveals new twist as one Player becomes ‘The Assassin’

One player has become The Assassin on The Circle in a brand new twist.


In Monday night’s episode (22 March), the Players took part in a new challenge with newbies Felix (aka Natalya) and Dot (aka Scott).

The original players each had to give answers to a series of questions while Felix and Dot decided their favourites.

As the one player whose answer was not chosen, Gemma (aka James) was put at risk.

Host Emma Wills surprised him with a video: “I come with important news for you. As a result of the last challenge you will now face a punishment. This punishment will see you fight for your place in The Circle. You’ll be sent on a secret mission to become The Assassin.

“Your mission is to pick a target and to get them blocked at the next ratings.

“If you succeed and get them blocked, you can stay. However if you fail then you will get blocked.”

James chose to target Billy, arguing that he was a catfish.

He’ll now have to try and persuade the other players to block Billy at the next ratings later this week.

Elsewhere in yesterday’s show, The Circle asked the Players to upload their best party pictures, with the others being able to comment anonymously – and the anonymity meant the claws came out.


Billy wasn’t impressed when he was accused of being a catfish, let alone his mum!

“Who knew that catfishes could be tropical,” wrote Manrika secretly.

And Gemma (James) speculated that Billy is actually his mum.

“That’s the most hurtful thing, they think I’ve got mum banter. My mum’s not this cool or funny,” complained Billy.

Meanwhile Gemma’s picture also elicited strong reactions from the group.

Tally commented anonymously: “Wish she could be that straight with everyone.”

While Billy added: “One of the many faces of Gemma.”

Meanwhile the oldest members of The Circle, Syed (Hashu) and Dorothy (Scott), got flirty on the private chat, with Dot inviting Syed for a nap!


The Circle continues tonight at 10PM on Channel 4 and All 4.

The show airs on Channel 4 with episodes available to All 4.

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