The Circle spoilers: Two players blocked as clone twist comes to an end

Two players were blocked in The Circle’s latest episode (19 March) as the week’s clone twist came to an end.


On Thursday night’s episode the players rated one another for the second time this series with Andy and Syed (Hashu) ending up as influencers.

On Friday they had to decide who to block, choosing to eliminate Penny – who in reality was father and daughter duo Millie and Jamie.

Before leaving The Circle, Penny (Millie and Jamie) got the chance to visit another player face to face for the first time. They chose to visit Syed, to find Hashu.

But that wasn’t the only blocking as the Players also had to decide the fate of Blue Tally and Orange Tally.

Earlier in the week The Circle’s first blocked player – Yolanda – returned to the game as a clone of Tally.

The pair have been doing their best to convince the rest of the group they’re the real Tally.

An alert told the players that they would decide the Tallys’ fate: One would stay in the game and one would be permanently blocked.

Blue Tally (OG Tally) and Orange Tally (Yolanda) had one final private chat filled with tension, before host Emma Willis paid the players a visit and told them “It’s now time for the game of clones to come to an end…”


The two Tallys stated their case for being saved before the players voted one by one on which of the two Tallys they wanted to block from The Circle.

Billy and Vithun voted to block Blue Tally (OG Tally) while Manrika, Syed (Hashu) and Andy voted to block Orange Tally (Yolanda).

With three votes to two, Orange Tally (Yolanda) was blocked from The Circle.

Before she left, Yolanda was invited to meet one player face to face. She decided to visit original Tally.

The fallout of that visit will air in the next episode of The Circle on Sunday night (21 March) at 10PM.

Elsewhere in this evening’s episode, Syed (Hashu) seemed to share regrets about not going in as himself as other players started revealing more about themselves to him.

When Manrika opened up in a private chat about her emotive family history, Syed (Hashu) questionned whether being a catfish would make it harder for him to be a shoulder to cry on in The Circle.

Syed (Hashu) worried: “When people open up to me, and I’m like s**t I’m a catfish…”

He decided: “the best thing for me to do, with a situation like this, is just be me. As long as I filter myself through Syed, there is genuine good intention there.”


He added: “…I’m finding it harder by the day to play this game, should I have just come in as myself? It’s such a mindf**k.”

The Circle continues Sunday-Friday nights at 10PM on Channel 4 and All 4.

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