The Circle 2021 results: Who left? One player blocked in latest episode

Who was blocked on The Circle?

Here’s who left The Circle 2021 in tonight’s latest episode (19 March).


On Thursday’s episode the players rated one another for the second time this series.

Clones Tally (‘Blue Tally’) and Yolanda (‘Orange Tally’) were immune from the ratings but did rate.

After the ratings, Andy and Hashu (playing as Uncle Syed) were made influencers and had to decide which of the other players (excluding the Tallys) to block.

The pair decided to block Penny – who in reality was father and daughter duo Millie and Jamie.

They explained their decision: “We based our decision on who we thought was a catfish. At this stage of the game it felt like the only way to make a fair judgement.

“We came to the conclusion because despite us having chats with this person it became very difficult to glean any information beyond the surface level conversation.”


Before leaving The Circle, Penny (Millie and Jamie) got the chance to visit another player face to face for the first time.

They chose to visit Syed, to find Hashu.

Recap the latest ratings below…

1st. Hashu (playing as Syed)
2nd. Andy

3rd. Vithun
4th. Jamie and Millie (playing as Penny)
5th. Manrika
6th.= James Crossley (playing as Gemma)
6th.= Billy

Elsewhere in tonight’s show the two Tallys faced off.

Following the exit of ‘Penny’ the remaining Players were told they had to decide which of the pair was the real Tally and block the other.


Blue Tally (OG Tally) and Orange Tally (Yolanda) have one final private chat filled with tension before the two Tallys state their case for being saved, but who will face the block – Blue Tally (OG Tally) or Orange Tally (Yolanda)?

The show airs on Channel 4 Sunday to Fridays at 10PM. You can catch up now with All 4.

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