The Circle spoilers: Pippa & Femi return as Tom before a ‘Snap Battle’ game

The Circle continues on Channel 4 tonight with two ‘new’ players joining The Circle.


Fresh from last night’s double blocking, the final week of The Circle 2021 starts with the introduction of some not-so-new newbies.

Blocked players Pippa and Joey, who was previously catfishing as Femi, are back and this time they’re playing together and they’re catfishing as a 29-year-old priest called Tom.

In tonight’s episode they’re seen setting up their fake profile together.

“People take one look at the collar and assume I’m boring. Reality is I love a laugh, beer, football and travelling the word. Ask me what I sing in the shower,” they write in the bio.

Meanwhile, Father Tom isn’t the only new player in The Circle.


Enter Shabaz, a 28-year-old chemistry teacher from Blackburn. Shabaz is catfishing as Alice, a 23-year-old chemistry teacher from Hertfordshire.

“I have a popular personality but she has a popular face,” says Shabaz. “Personality is where the actual party is. They come to the party for Alice and stay for Shabaz”

Describing Alice as “VERY Single”, Shabaz continues: “That bio is perfect. She’s going to be a winner.”

Following the entrance of the newbies, The Circle invites the players to take part in a Snap BAttle.

Tom (Pippa and Joey) and Alice (Shabaz) go head-to-head with other players selected by The Circle to share their best pictures to fit different themes. The rest of the players must vote on their favourite snap.


Andy goes up against Tom and Alice to share a ‘glamorous’ snap and when Andy is voted the winner, it doesn’t go down too well with the Circle newbies.

The Circle 2021 continues Sunday-Friday nights at 10PM on Channel 4.

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