The Circle 2021 results: TWO players blocked – but there’s a big twist

Two more players were blocked on The Circle 2021 tonight but there was a shock twist.


In this evening’s episode the remaining players entered their final week in The Circle with a £100,000 prize up for grabs.

The Players rated for the latest time and it was Felix (Natalya) and Dorothy (Scott) who became influencers and had to decide who to block.

When they got to The Hangout, they received a (virtual) visit from host Emma Willis who delivered the message that this would be a blocking like no other.

For one day only, the rules had changed and the influencers were offered the opportunity to ‘get ahead in the game’ by knocking out their biggest competition – the other influencer.

Neither Felix (Natalya) and Dorothy (Scott) decided to block each other which meant that instead there was a double blocking.

Felix (Natalya) decided to block Pippa while Dorothy (Scott) blocked Femi (Joey) – however neither left The Circle.

Instead, The Circle gave Pippa and Joey a lifeline as they returned together as a new player: Tom, a priest.

You can see how that goes when The Circle returns on Monday night.


For now, here’s a full run down of how ratings went…

1st. Felix (Natalya)
2nd. Dorothy (Scott)
3rd. Manrika
4th. Syed (Hashu)

5th. Pippa
6th. Femi (Joey)
7th. Andy

Elsewhere in tonight’s episode, The Circle challenged the players to create a book cover for another player. The covers had to include a title, a tagline, a blurb, a recommended retail price and a review with star-rating.

Femi (Joey) was tasked with creating a cover for a book about Andy, choosing the title ‘The Non-Strategic Entrepreneur’ with the tagline ‘A guide on how not to get to know people’.

The blurb read: “If you don’t want to make friends in The Circle, this book is a perfect guide to helping you do just that…”


The Circle continues Sunday to Fridays at 10PM on Channel 4 and All 4.

The final of The Circle 2021 airs on Friday.

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