The Circle spoilers: Beth and Jack row while new player ‘Josh’ joins

What happens on The Circle 2019 tonight

Here’s a first look at tonight’s episode of The Circle 2019 where Jack and Beth end up in a major argument.

In tonight’s instalment (Wednesday, October 9), catfishing pair Jack and Beth find themselves in a row.

The duo were originally booted from The Circle before being secretly brought back as a new player.

Now sharing an apartment, Jack and Beth are appearing as 62-year-old Joyce but it seems cracks are beginning to show in their partnership.

You can watch a first preview of tonight’s episode of The Circle below…

In their row, Jack complains: “It’s like you’re the driver and I’m the passenger. It’s frustrating sometimes.

“I think you wear the trousers in this. It’s your way of saying it or doing it.”

Beth responds: “I don’t want you to feel like that because if we have this conflict then we’re not going to be able to do it.

“I’m trying to keep things as consistent as possible but I do understand your frustration.”

Elsewhere this evening, The Circle welcomes new player Busayo who is playing as alter-ego Josh.

“I wanted to highlight how a middle-class white male might be more popular in the game than I would be using my own photos,” she says as she enters The Circle.

Alongside Busayo, Jack and Beth, those currently taking part in The Circle are Brooke Odunbaku (playing as Herself) Ella May (playing as herself), Georgina Aurelia Elliott (playing as herself), Tim Wilson (playing as himself) and Woody Cook (playing as himself).

They’re joined by James Doran (playing as single mum Sammie) and Paddy Smyth (playing as himself).

The Circle continues with new episodes Monday-Friday and Sunday nights at 10PM on Channel 4.

You can watch online and catch up via the All4 Player.

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