The Circle 2019: Meet new contestant Busayo Twins and her alter ego Josh

The Circle 2019 welcomes another brand new player to the game this evening (October 9).

Fresh from the latest episode, tonight sees Busayo Twins join The Circle.

The Circle is a Channel 4’s social media based reality TV game show where up to £100,000 can be won.

In the game where anyone can be anyone, The Circle’s players all reside in the same building but live in completely separate apartments: They can’t see or hear one another and will never meet their competitors face to face while playing the game.

Instead, they can only communicate using a specially-designed voice automated social media platform called The Circle as they compete to be crowned the most popular.

Meet new player Busayo Twins and her game plan below…

Busayo Twins

AGE: 24
OCCUPATION: Strategy policy advisor
FROM: London
TWITTER USERNAME: @busayo_twins
PLAYING AS: Josh, a single, white 24-year-old from Camden.

GAME PLAN: Busayo is playing as a 24-year-old rich, white man called Josh in a bid “to test the theory of white, male privilege” as she believes ‘Josh’ will be more popular than her in The Circle.

She explains: “He’s wealthy, but he feels like he’s penalised for that because he’s actually cool, he’s actually down with the people.

“He volunteers abroad, he likes Stormzy, he likes talking to people. He’s going to be lovable in the sense that people are going to go like him.”

On joining The Circle, Busayo adds: “I want to shed light on white privilege in social interaction.

“I work on diversity and inclusion in higher education, and the phenomena of the black attainment gap which shows that white students are more likely to get better degrees than black students could indicate that there’s a level of institutional advantage offered to white students over their black counterparts.

“I wanted to basically shed light on the ‘invisible privileges’ that white people benefit from.”

The Circle 2019 airs Monday-Fridays and Sunday nights at 9PM on Channel 4.

Live episodes air weekly hosted by Emma Willis while viewers can get involved in the game via the official mobile app.

All episodes are available to watch online and catch up on via All4.

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