The Circle 2019 spoilers: New game causes major drama

Here’s a first look at tonight’s episode of The Circle 2019 in which a new game causes drama.


In tonight’s instalment (Tuesday, October 8), the remaining players take on a game of ‘Tagged’.

Explains The Circle: “Shortly you will see a number of hashtags. You must assign each of these hashtags to a player of your choice.”

The hashtags include Bestie, Brownnoser, Naive, Ruthless, Genuine, Mysterious, Classy and Snakey.

The results are then anonymously revealed to each player – which you can preview in the video below…

Georgina is called naive despite her Crohn’s battle, prompting her to rage: “I am going to stick it on the person who called me naive.

“I’ve been through a lot in my life and I ain’t naive.”

Meanwhile, no one picks Tim as their bestie while ‘Joyce’ – aka Beth and Jack – finds herself branded snakey.

Elsewhere in tonight’s show, Paddy shares the truth about his disability

He says: “If feels so good to show you all of me. I feel like I’ve been hiding a part of me. I’ve finally come out of the disabled closet.”

Those currently taking part in The Circle are Brooke Odunbaku (playing as Herself) Ella May (playing as herself), Georgina Aurelia Elliott (playing as herself), Tim Wilson (playing as himself) and Woody Cook (playing as himself).

They’re joined by James Doran (playing as single mum Sammie), Paddy Smyth (playing as himself) and Jack Quirk and Beth Dunlavey (playing together as 62-year-old widow Joyce).


The Circle airs Monday-Friday and Sunday nights at 10PM on Channel 4.

You can watch episodes online and catch up via All4.

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