The Circle 2021: Meet new contestants Pippa and Joey

Two new players enter The Circle 2021 in tonight’s episode – meet the newbies here!


Fresh from last Friday’s shock blocking this evening we meet two brand new contestants.

Meet newbies Pippa and Joey below.


The Circle - Pippa
The Circle – Pippa

Age: 26

From: Manchester

Job: Paralegal in commercial litigation

Playing as: Herself

Says Pippa: “I am just being me and hopefully I can build relationships, but genuine relationships. To get far in life in general, you do have to have a good, genuine relationship with some people. Studying law and the career that I’m in is quite strategic.

“You have to have the art of communication and the gift of the gab to win people over. I play poker as well, so I’m quite good at sensing bluffers. So I’m going to be bringing in all my natural traits, and applying them to the game. ”

She added: “I will be looking to cross all the T’s and dot all the I’s. If something doesn’t add up, I’ll be all over it. I’ll be sniffing out the fakes.”




The Circle - Joey
The Circle – Joey

Age: 26

From: London

Job: Entrepreneur

Playing as: a Nigerian immigrant version of himself called Femi

Says Joey: “Even though there’s a part of the story that’s different to who I am, I’m still going to have the same attitude.

“I’m still going to be the fun, easy-going, talkative individual that I am. The person who likes to build relationships, who likes to give and offer advice to people as well. I think my main strategy is building relationships along the way.”

He adds: “I thought it would just be a good kind of thing for me to be able to touch on the fact that there are a lot of immigrants in the UK that move away from different countries seeking a better life to support family back home. I thought that would be a good thing to highlight. And I kind of love the show anyway. I’ve watched the last two seasons. I thought it’d be fun.”



The Circle continues tonight at 10pm on Channel 4 and All 4

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