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The Cabins: Who’s still together? Which 2021 couples are together and who split

Which The Cabins 2021 couples are still together?

The first series of The Cabins has come to an end – which couples are still together after the show?


The Cabins sees singletons challenged to the most revealing first date of their lives as they throw out the rule book and deleting their dating apps as they attempt to find true love.

After airing for fifteen episodes, a special reunion show aired on ITV2 this weekend (Sunday 24 January) revealing the fates of the couples since filming.

So which couples have made it and which didn’t?

The Cabins – who’s still together?

Charlotte and Sarah – TOGETHER
Charlotte and Sarah are officially a couple! Since leaving the pair have not only remained together but also got matching tattoos of a red cup and ping-pong ball.

Sarah and Charlotte snuggle and chat.
Sarah and Charlotte.

Nathan and Alex – TOGETHER!
Nathan and Alex left as a Cabin couple and have continued to date – as much as lockdown allows!

Ryan and April – TOGETHER
Still together, Ryan & April have formed a support bubble in order to be with one another during lockdown.


Nina and Ade
Nina and Ade left as a couple but are no longer together. “Friendship is where it’s at right now,” Nina explained.

Robyn and Mamudo
While they left as a couple, Robyn and Mamudo are no longer together. Robyn described things as being “so different” outside The Cabins.

Tom and Olivia
Tom and Olivia spent three days in The Cabins together and are very much no longer together. Appearing on the reunion show, the pair accused each other of ghosting with Olivia claiming that “the bubble just popped”.

Tom and Olivia snuggle and watch the sunset.
Tom and Olivia.

Clinton and Loryn
Following the show, Loryn and Clinton did stay in touch with Clinton meeting Loryn’s family – but it didn’t last. Clinton currently describes himself as “very much single” while Loryn is “back on Tinder”.

Terelle and Amani
Terelle and Amani are still in touch but it’s purely a friendship with Amani describing Terelle as a “big brother”.

Will and Holly
Will and Holly remain in touch and while they aren’t currently a couple, the pair say that the door isn’t closed on a potential relationship.

Corben and Rhys
Corben and Rhys said they’ve become “really good friends” since leaving the show – but aren’t currently together.

Curtis and Daisy

Curtis and Daisy
Curtis & Daisy left as a Cabin couple but they’ve not pursued things romantically outside the show.

Liam and Andras
Liam & Andras are still in touch but currently have put “no labels” on their relationship. They said they are “getting closer and closer” and “seeing where it’s going”.


You can catch up with the first season of The Cabins online via the ITV Hub online here.

Picture: ITV

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