The Cabins: Meet new couple Rhys and Corben as they join the show

Another new pair enter The Cabins on ITV2 tonight as Rhys and Corben start a 24 hour date.


In this evening’s episode at 9PM, the pair arrive in Beaver’s Burrow.

Hairdresser Rhys is first there and awaits his fellow companion for the next 24 hours. Legal advisor Corben arrives soon after – and he’s not alone. He’s brought his French Bulldog Gigi.

The pair introduce themselves and express their nerves. Getting to know each other over a cuppa, Rhys, who admits he “falls in love very easily”, says: “I can’t stop my hands from shaking.”

The boys bond over their love of tattoos and Rhys says: “I feel a bit calmer now.”

Corben says: “I feel like I do have a calming effect.”

Albeit when Rhys tries to open a bottle of fizz, he pours it all over himself, leaving him needing a change of clothes already.


Sparks are beginning to fly between the couple as they engage in some flirty banter. Sitting down for dinner, Corben says: “You do big portions don’t you?”

Rhys jokes: “I’m just used to big portions!”

Later that evening, Corben and Rhys transform the Cabin’s living space into a dance floor and put on the classics.

But, the party doesn’t end quite as they were expecting and leaves Rhys on dog-sitting duty downstairs alone.

The next morning, the pair have a cup of tea on the balcony and ponder their compatibility. Have this duo danced their last dance, or will there be an encore?

After 24 hours, they and the other couples in the Cabins must decide if they want to stay together and head home alone.


The Cabins continues tonight at 9PM on ITV2 and is available to catch up on the ITV Hub.

Picture: ITV

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