The Cabins: Meet new couple Loviisa and Yani as they check in

Another new pair enter The Cabins on ITV2 tonight to start a 24 hour date.


In this evening’s episode at 9PM, Loviisa and Yani check in to Beaver’s Burrow.

24-year-old Loviisa, who is originally from Finland and currently lives in Cardiff, is currently training to be a chiropractor.

Meanwhile 26-year-old Yani is a card machine merchant from Suffolk.

He’s first to arrive at Beaver’s Burrow and confesses: “I don’t mind it when a girl’s quite blunt. You know straight away whether she’s interested or not.”

Shortly followed by student Loviisa, who originally hails from Finland, who confesses: “I’ve been called blunt before. I will just say it!”

Meeting for the first time, Loviisa says: “I’m at uni [now and] next year I want to do a bikini fitness competition. That’s the goal for next year.”


Loviisa heads upstairs to get changed. Evidently impressed with Loviisa, Yani calls his friend and says: “She’s from Finland. She’s a bikini model!”

Getting to know one another, Yani says: “I’d like to meet someone who I can do the fun things with. I like going out, and going to events and festivals. Do you like all that stuff too?”

Loviisa says: “Not really, no.”

But despite the couple being on different pages, they waste no time in turning up the heat and jump in the hot tub together.

Conversation turns spicy as Loviisa asks: “What is your go-to Nando’s? What do you have?”

Yani says: “Probably four chicken thighs with peri chips and rice!”

And it seems the restaurant is the language of love as Yani takes the leap and asks Loviisa: “Do you want a cuddle?”


It isn’t long before they lock lips and share a smooch.

It’s soon time for bed and the couple discuss the sleeping arrangements. Loviisa says: “There is a spare bed downstairs.”

Yani says: “It’s totally up to you. If you’re not happy to share a bed, I can sleep downstairs.”


The Cabins continues tonight at 9PM on ITV2 and is available to catch up on the ITV Hub.

Picture: ITV

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