The Apprentice 2018 results: Second candidate fired after comic book chaos

The Apprentice: Who was fired?

The Apprentice 2018 has said goodbye to another candidate – but who left this week?

Last Wednesday saw the first episode oft the new series where the candidates found themselves sent to Malta.

Split into Boys and Girls teams, they had to acquire a list of items for the cheapest possible price. It was the girls who lost out in and in a heated boardroom, Sarah Byrne became the first contestant this year to be told ‘You’re Fired’.

For Week Two, Lord Sugar summoned the candidates to the House of Illustration, the UK’s only gallery dedicated to graphic art.

On arrival, the teams were greeted by their business superhero as they’ve never seen him before – in comic book form.

Via Augmented Reality technology, Lord Sugar revealed that for this week’s task they would be creating a brand-new comic aimed at 8-12 year olds.

They needed to invent a new comic name, main character and original story as well as design a dynamic front cover using cutting edge AR.

With comics printed overnight, they then needed to pitch to leading industry figures to secure orders.

The girls’ team opted for a rapping monkey that aimed to help kids learn languages while the boys created an outer-space explorer called Benji.

When creating their Augmented Reality front covers, the girls ran riot with a rap, while the boys team struggled to make a move.

During the pitch, the comics were picked apart but big mistakes couldn’t be erased: For the boys, focussing on negatives led to tension, while a lack of French lingo for the girls caused confusion amongst the big cheeses.

In the boardroom, orders were totalled ans there was a clear winner as the Girls team toppled the Boys with 10,000 orders to 950.

David Alden was fired by Lord Sugar after being brought back into the boardroom by project manager Frank Brooks together with Kurran Pooni.

The Apprentice 2018 continues Wednesday nights at 9PM on BBC One.

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