The Apprentice 2018 results as candidates go mad for doughnuts

Who was fired? Latest who left The Apprentice this week revealed

The Apprentice 2018 was back tonight on BBC One but who was fired this week?

Last week saw David Alden become the second candidate to be fired by Lord Sugar after comic-book character chaos.

Tonight it’s Week Three and Lord Sugar summons the candidates to an 18th Century tidal mill in the heart of London’s East End for their next challenge.

Before setting the task, Lord Sugar mixes up the teams from their starting men and women line ups. They must then decide their team names for the first time this series.

Frank Brooks, Kurran Pooni, Rick Monk, Tom Bunday, Sarah Ann Magson, Jackie Fast and Jasmine Kundra make up newly named Team Collaborative led by Tom.

Camilla Ainsworth, Khadija Kalifa, Sabrina Stocker, Sian Gabbidon, Alex Finn, Daniel Elahi and Kayode Damali create Team Typhoon, led by Camilla.

For their new task, the candidates are instructed to manufacture and sell upmarket doughnuts to both a corporate client and the public.

On Day 1, one half of each team must fathom out flavours, while the others set off to negotiate a bespoke order from a corporate client.

Team Collaborative made a decision to add spice which turned up the heat – perhaps a little too much. While on the other, Typhoon went with a ‘Best of British’ theme but toying with teabags sees tension brewing.

On Day 2, in the kitchen the doughnuts were created by the candidates. Typhoon’s strategy to prioritise volume over Quality Control resulted in dozens of doughnuts in disarray.

While on rival team Collaborative, a lack of direction and a tricky corporate order sent temperatures sky high.

The proof of the pudding…a return to the corporate client where doughnuts left a very sour taste. Both teams found themselves having to strike a new deal to offload their ceations costing them all cash.

As well as selling their corporate clients, the teams also hit the streets to flog their doughnuts to members of the public before the evening deadline.

In the boardroom, the results were announced. Team Collaborative made a total profit of £68.08 while Team Typhoon triumphed with total profit of £221.04.

Project manager Tom bought Jasmine and Frank back to the boardroom. Delivering his decision, Lord Sugar said: “You narrowly escaped last week. Frank, you’re fired.”

The Apprentice 2018 airs tonight at 9PM on BBC One.

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