Survival Of The Fittest’s Warren Phillips gets a birthday kiss from Lottie James

Warren Phillips celebrates his birthday with a kiss on Survival Of the Fittest tonight


In tonight’s show, the Girls and Boys wake up and it’s Warren’s Birthday.

The teams sit down for breakfast all together and Jenny presents Warren with a Birthday Crown.

In the Tree House, Warren gets emotional at everyone being so kind to him on his birthday. He tears up: “Everyone is being so nice. They’re all trying their hardest to make the day special. It’s really touching, it’s quite emotional… You know when you just meet new people and you worry how you come across being yourself? It’s just really touching what they’re saying about me.

“It’s so nice. A lot of people get the wrong impression of me because of how I look and my tattoos and stuff but I am a genuine guy and I’m not out to hurt no one or anything like that and for them to say I’m quite wise and I’m just a generally nice guy, it’s just really flattering coming from 11 people that I don’t really know.”

That night, everyone sings Happy Birthday to Warren and the Girls and Boys enjoy a party.

“I want to thank all you guys for making this experience extra special. I wouldn’t change any one of you. You’re doing to make me cry,” Warren tells the group in a speech.

Lottie tells him: “Obviously you know how special you are to me already and I feel like out of anyone I feel like you have warmed my heart and I’ve never met anyone like you before. I feel like we have connected straight away and I’m really happy and pleased that I met you.”


Everyone is dancing and enjoying the party. Warren takes Lottie on the bridge for a romantic kiss.

Survival of the Fittest airs tonight at 9pm on ITV2.