Survival Of The Fittest results! Girls in danger after Boys win latest challenge

The Boys beat the Girls in tonight’s Survival Of The Fittest results, leaving the ladies in danger.


This week, the girls won the latest head to head challenge, securing them safety from the public vote.

The boys went up for the viewer poll and last night the girls had to decide which one of them got the boot, and choosing to evict Joel Bennett.

In tonight’s show, Joel was replaced by newbie Tom Wilson, who turned heads when he enters the lodge.

Jenny then got a message: “Boys and Girls, in one hour you’ll battle it out in the next Team Challenge. This Challenge is called ‘Waterlogged’ and one member of the losing team will be Replaced.”

In the Tree House, Tom was raring to go for his first challenge: “This is what I’ve been waiting for. I can’t come in here and not perform so I’m ready for it!”

The Girls and Boys then arrived at the Team Challenge.

Firstly, both teams had to cross a bridge using only three planks of wood. Once everyone had crossed safely, they had to solve the puzzle. There were 16 holes with a range of depths and there were 20 logs with a range of lengths.

The teams had to insert the logs into the holes so that all the logs stood level on the pontoon. The first team to dip all their poles in the right holes won and one member of the losing team will be Replaced.


The Boys triumphed, leaving the girls at risk of being replaced.

Survival Of The Fittest continues Friday night at 9PM on ITV2.