Survival Of The Fittest competition really begins as Laura Whitmore reveals new twist

Survival Of The Fittest really kicks off tonight as Laura Whitmore reveals a new twist.


And it’s all change from here.

In tonight’s show, Laura enters The Lodge and The Girls and Boys gather in their teams.

Following last night’s elimination, Laura says: “Obviously Jenny, Sam and Mettisse I saw you yesterday at the Survival Challenge – congratulations you did so well. You may notice that there are only five in the Girls’ team and there are six in the Boys.

“It doesn’t seem fair… So I think we should put that right. Please welcome Shanice.”

New girl Shanice then walks across the bridge into The Lodge.

“Is that my little present?” Tom says to the Boys. He likes what he sees.


Laura continues: “Shanice, you are now part of the Girls’ team and you join the team in the final week of the competition. This is the toughest yet.”

“Teams, from now on there will be no more Replacements. The challenges will continue but winning a Team Challenge no longer means you’re safe. All challenges are now an opportunity for you to prove how much you deserve a place on your team.

“The public will be voting who they think is the Fittest Girl and the Fittest Boy and there will be some tough decisions for you to make too because only four Girls and four Boys will make the Final.”

“This is Survival of the Fittest and it’s time for each of you to prove to your team mates and the public that you deserve your place in The Lodge and a chance of winning a share of that forty thousand pounds.”


The Lodge is rocked by the news that the teams will be whittled down ahead of the Final.

Survival of the Fittest airs tonight at 9pm on ITV2