Survival Of The Fittest result! Who left? Another girl is eliminated

Tonight's Survival Of The Fittest results

One more girl has been sent home in tonight’s latest Survival Of The Fittest 2018 results.

In this evening’s (Sunday) episode, it was Georgia Cole who became the latest contestant to leave the lodge.

On Saturday night in the latest challenge, the boys beat the girls.

But rather than sending someone home, they chose to save a girl and picked Mariam Musa.

The other girls were put in control of their own fate as they fought to stay in the competition on Sunday evening.

 The Girls go head to head in the Challenge.
The Girls go head to head in the Challenge.

In the episode, Georgia got a message: “Teams in one hour, Georgia, Jenny, Mettisse and Sam will go head-to-head in today’s Survival Challenge ‘In Deep Water.’ The rest of you will stay in The Lodge. Only three Girls will return.”

“That is savage,” Sam said.

The four Girls were met by host Laura Whitmore at the Survival Challenge.

She explained: “Sam, Mettisse, Jenny and Georgia, this is your Survival Challenge. This is the first time that the four of you are going against each other and it’s this challenge here today that determines who goes back to The Lodge. It’s all to play for. It’s this right now that proves your worth to the Girls’ team.”

The aim of the challenge was for each Girl to make their way along an assault course collecting five hoops tied up along the way. Once they have collected them all, they had to swim to the pontoon and throw the hoops onto the pole in front of them. The first player to get all five hoops on their pole won.

The challenge was made up of three head-to-head two player rounds. The winners of the first two rounds returne to The Lodge. The losers then went into round three, which is a battle for survival. The loser of round three left immediately and will not return to The Lodge.

At the end of the challenge, Georgia Cole left after losing the task.

She said after her exit: “It has been a whirlwind. There have been ups and downs but every single bit has been a learning curve and I have enjoyed my experience.”

Georgia continued: “Being in The Lodge for that long was emotionally and physically draining. That was my fourth challenge in a row so my body was aching even from the ‘Leave Me Hanging’ challenge the day before.


“Going to do the Survival Challenge, I was feeling positive because Mettisse had said she couldn’t swim so I thought I’d have an advantage.

“It all came down to the throwing technique and then I was in the final round against, Sam. Sam is someone that I’ve built up a relationship with so it was hard to go against a Girl that I love. Fair play to her, she beat me. It was so close, it was just pot luck.”

Survival of the Fittest continues nightly on ITV2.