Squid Game 2 first look revealed by Netflix

Squid Game 2 trailer

Squid Game returns to Netflix for season two this year with a very first look now revealed.


The new Netflix hit took the world by storm in 2021, becoming the streaming service’s biggest series launch with more than 100 million streams.

The South Korean thriller follows 456 desperate contestants compete with each other in a mysterious and deadly survival game involving multiple rounds of childhood games to win a life changing cash prize that can pull them out of their misery.

Given the show’s success – and the ending of season one – a follow up seemed inevitable.

Squid Game 2, as it is being called, will be released on Netflix later in 2024. For now, you get a taste of what expect in Netflix’s preview of the year ahead…

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As for what the new season of Squid Game will have in store, creator Hwang Dong-hyuk said: “It took 12 years to bring the first season of Squid Game to life last year. But it took 12 days for Squid Game to become the most popular Netflix series ever.

“As the writer, director, and producer of Squid Game, a huge shout out to fans around the world. Thank you for watching and loving our show.

“And now, Gi-hun returns. The Front Man returns. Season 2 is coming. The man in the suit with ddakji might be back.

“You’ll also be introduced to Young-hee’s boyfriend, Cheol-su.

“Join us once more for a whole new round.”

Meanwhile, Netflix’s co-CEO and chief content officer Ted Sarandos confirmed the second season in January 2022, announcing: “The Squid Game universe has just begun.”

Squid Game first premiered in September 2021 on Netflix worldwide.

It stars Lee Jung-jae as Gi-hun, one of 456 participants who are offered a mysterious invitation to join a game for at risk people who are in dire need of money.


The contestants from all walks of life are locked into a secret location where they play games in order to win 45.6 billion won. Every game is a Korean traditional children’s game such as Red Light, Green Light, but the consequence of losing is death. Who will be the winner, and what is the purpose behind this game?

Season 1 of Squid Game is available to stream on Netflix here.

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