Love Is Blind UK release date confirmed for new Netflix series

Emma and Matt Willist pose together

Emma and Matt Willis are to host the new UK version of Love Is Blind.

The series will be released from 7 August 2024 on Netflix, with further episodes dropping on 14 August and 21 August.

The dating show sees singletons set up on a series of blind dates, only able to communicate via pods.

If they feel a connection, they can propose and only then will they meet their potential future partner face to face. Cameras follow the new couples as they move in and prepare to marry, before they ultimately decide whether or not to stay together.

Emma in the pod

Netflix previously confirmed a first ever UK series which it’s now been revealed will be fronted by couple Emma and Matt Willis.

Matt said: “I’m so excited to be presenting the UK version of Love Is Blind with Emma. We love the show! It’s been such a dream working together and fascinating to watch the process unfold. Experiencing this new project side by side has been really amazing and I can’t wait for people to come on this journey with us.”

Emma added: “I love to play matchmaker with my friends and love LOVE so I am so excited to be co-hosting the first ever UK version of Love Is Blind. I’m intrigued to see people connect on a purely emotional and mental level right off the bat, without visuals playing a part.

“Plus – you’re getting double Willis! I’ve loved going to work with Matt and we’re both obsessed with the show, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity!”

For now you can catch up on past seasons of Love Is Blind‘s main series on Netflix here.

First premiering in 2020, the show follows a unique concept where singles engage in a series of conversations and interactions without ever seeing each other face-to-face. The ultimate goal is to form deep emotional connections and even fall in love, all while being physically separated.

As the show progresses, participants choose partners, propose, and eventually meet in person before deciding whether to continue their relationships or not. The series explores the complexities of love, attraction, and relationships in a captivating and unconventional manner, making it a fascinating watch for viewers intrigued by the dynamics of human connections.

The new UK version joins other international spin-offs including Love Is Blind: Sweden, Love Is Blind: Japan and Love Is Blind: Brazil.