Sister Boniface Mysteries start date revealed for series three on Drama

Sister Boniface Mysteries
Sister Boniface Mysteries

Series three of Father Brown spin-off series Sister Boniface Mysteries will start on Friday, 7 June at 9PM on UKTV’s Drama channel.

The show stars Lorna Watson (Watson & Oliver), Max Brown (Downton Abbey), Jerry Iwu (Halal Daddy), Miranda Raison (MI-5) and Ami Metcalf (Allied).

Set in 1960s rural England, this entertaining detective drama follows the investigations of Sister Boniface of St Vincent’s Convent – nun, moped rider, wine maker and part-time forensic scientist.

Sister Boniface Mysteries first look

The popular character, brought to life by Lorna Watson, first appeared on screens in the Father Brown episode ‘The Bride of Christ’.

In the first episode of series three, Sister Boniface is shaken when one of the screen-testing stars for the new Agent Best film is murdered. Sam daringly races to identify mysterious parachutists descending over Great Slaughter, only to bump into Ruth.

The aerial stunts are part of screen tests for the new Agent Jonas Best, the iconic British spy character from the film franchise. Sam meets the dashing TV star and Ruth’s new beau, Kingsley Markham, before being taken on a tour of Silverkiss, the mansion owned by spy-turned-author Lincoln Leigh Varsey.

Sister Boniface is thrilled by Lincoln’s exotic mementos, but their excitement is soon interrupted by Campbell Kamen, a pretentious theatre actor, who loudly accuses his Australian rival, Benson Boyd, of sabotaging his parachute jump.

The screen tests continue, with model-turned-actress Phoebe Volante enraged at Benson’s improvisation. Suddenly, Benson gasps and dies very convincingly. Sister Boniface quickly deduces that this was no performance; he’s been murdered, and the weapon was Lincoln’s deadly scorpion!

Lorna Watson said of her return to the role: “I can’t wait to get back in the habit and fight crime in Sister Boniface Mysteries! She is such a fun character to play.

“In many ways she’s ahead of her time and I love her for that. It’s not every day you get to play a crime solving, Vespa driving nun.”