Shaughna Phillips left upset by Callum Jones again on Love Island

Shaughna Phillips is put out by Callum Jones again on tonight’s episode of Love Island.

There’s been tension between the pair ever since Callum returned from Casa Amor with new girl Molly Smith on his arm.

And this evening, Callum upsets Shaughna again in the wake of Finley asking Paige Turley to be his official girlfriend.

As the Islanders celebrate Paige and Finn officially becoming boyfriend and girlfriend – with Paige admitting her cheeks hurt from smiling – Shaughna overhears Callum’s reaction.

Shaughna tells Paige: “You never guess what I just heard… I just heard Molly say to Siânnise ‘It’ll be you next’ and Callum said ‘No it’ll be me’.”

“That’s muggy that is,” she adds.

In the Beach Hut Shaughna admits: “To say that while I’m two people apart from him, he always seems to do something that will likely upset me.”

Elsewhere in tonight’s episode of Love Island, today’s challenge sees the girls get behind the wheel in ‘Girl Racers’.

Kitted out like professional racing drivers, the girls are blindfolded in Go Karts and guided by their backseat driving boys.

Communication is key here. First to get around the circuit quickest – with a pit stop at a drive-thru burger joint and a car wash – wins.

Single Shaughna chooses Nas to partner up with for this challenge and whilst watching Molly and Callum attempt the course, she says: “She doesn’t deserve him, she deserves better.”

Whilst single Demi chooses Luke M to guide her around the track – will they realise they could be a good team together?

As Jess tries her best to get around the circuit, it’s the food stop that proves most tricky, with Ched joking to her: “It’s not a ‘glamour ting’, eat the chips man.”

He later laughs in the Beach Hut that she was wasting time eating one chip at a time.

But who will drive the quickest? And who will head off course?

Also tonight, the results of the latest public vote will be revealed.

Love Island airs at 9PM on ITV2.