Ruthie Henshall spills all on I’m A Celebrity and THOSE Royal revelations

Campmate Ruthie Henshall has spilled all on castle life after leaving I’m A Celebrity this week.

On today’s I’m A Celebrity… The Daily Drop, former campmate Ruthie discussed her time on the show – and why her OBE is “off the table” now.

Speaking of her time in camp, Ruthie said: “Absolutely fantastic. I’m really sorry, I’d like to say I was desperately disappointed but I skipped out of there. I had a wonderful experience, but I was so hungry.”

On getting her longed for burger she said: “I could only eat about a quarter. But I did finish the chocolate basket.”

Ruthie continued of being part of the show: “Truthfully I did, I loved it, it was such an adventure. But it is brutal. I don’t think anybody understands quite how hard the trials are, quite how vile they are.

“I’m sure they think that we get these run-throughs or that we get some kind of pass, or people are giving us protein bars in the background – none of that.

“What you see is what’s happening. It is brutal.”

Speaking about the hunger in camp, she said: “It’s palpable. I saw 10 hungry people. there was no way I was not getting those stars [when I arrived].”

And Ruthie added: “It’s amazing what you learn about yourself and you have no idea that you’re going in there to learn, you think you’re just going in for an experience. Then you come out having epiphanies and going, what just happened?”

Meanwhile, speaking about her Royal revelations Ruthie revealed: “That was my first day and I said something off the cuff to make Shane laugh, because I’d met Shane before, having no idea, truly that that was going to be picked up.”

Asked if Prince Edward had watched the show she laughed: “I don’t know, but I think my OBE’s off the table now.”

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Picture: ITV