Rita Ora claims she’s the best at guessing celebs on The Masked Singer

Popstar says she gets 'the most right' thanks to her vocal expertise

Rita Ora has staked her claim to being The Masked Singer’s most successful judge, saying she gets “the most right”.

The worldwide phenomenon finally arrives in the UK on ITV this Saturday, with twelve celebrity contestants aiming to prove they’re masters of disguise.

Dressed in unique character costumes, they must stage musical performances in each episode – as four panellists do their best to work out who’s behind the masks.

Having previously mentored wannabes on The X Factor and The Voice, Rita is now having a go at television’s ultimate guessing game.

And the ‘Anywhere’ singer may have an edge over fellow judges Jonathan Ross, Davina McCall and Ken Jeong.

Rita claims she gets “the most right” on the new series after making good use of her vocal expertise.

“I did get the most right in this whole competition, I’m just saying,” she cheekily boasted.

“I relied on my love for music so I really was thinking and listening to the voice, the tempo, the tone, the texture, even sometimes how they breathe.

“Being a singer I really pick up on these things, so that really helped me out.”

Presenter Joel Dommett gave some insight into Rita’s methods.

“Rita is a weird one,” he remarked. “She has a scattergun approach where she throws out names where you think ‘it’s definitely not that person.’

“But towards the end she started to hone in on people.”

Meanwhile, Davina conceded that the chart-topping star could be best at uncovering the celebs’ identities.

“Rita will definitely say it was her. Rita did very well. She got quite a few right,” she admitted.

However, the television legend also praised the other panellists.

“Ken is hilarious,” she said. “Every time he will have a moment where he will stand up and say ‘all of you are wrong, I know who it is.’

“Jonathan actually is like Wikipedia, he is forensic his knowledge of everything. He’s a great judge in that sense.”

Based on a South Korean format, The Masked Singer has been a smash in the United States, attracting over 10million viewers.

The first UK series was filmed earlier this year at RAF Bovingdon, where Dancing On Ice is also made.

The Masked Singer begins on ITV this Saturday at 7.00pm and Sunday at 8.00pm.