Riddiculous: Ranvir Singh to host new ITV game show with Henry Lewis

Riddiculous start date

Ranvir Singh is to host a brand new game show on ITV.

Titled Riddiculous, the show is teased as “the new quiz where for once speaking in riddles might solve the confusion!”

Ranvir Singh is to host the daytime quiz, which has been commissioned for 20 episodes from producers East Media.

Riddiculous on ITV and ITV Hub. Pictured: Ranvir Singh and Henry Lewis. (C) East Media
Riddiculous on ITV and ITV Hub. Pictured: Ranvir Singh and Henry Lewis. (C) East Media

Here’s what the makers say of how it all works: “The show will see three teams of two go head to head in a series of quick-fire general knowledge questions that will lead the teams to unlock a riddle, set by the show’s very own Riddlemaster and star of The Play that Goes Wrong, Henry Lewis. The more questions and riddles they get correct, the more money they’ll bank.

“With a mixture of verbal and visual riddles, the teams will have to flex their mental brainpower and display the inner workings of their minds to solve them. But will they be able to crack the clues? Or will the fear of being ridiculed stop them thinking straight?

“After three rounds, the teams will be whittled down and only one pair will make it through to the finale, to face the iconic endgame – Henry’s Riddle Run.

“Here, one brave team will go up against the clock to solve a series of unique fast pace riddles. Plus they’ll have an important decision to make, with a chance to gamble their money on a double or nothing, final riddle. It’s rapid, it’s ruthless and it’s totally Riddiculous!”

Riddiculous will air on ITV from Monday, 24 October at 3PM and continue weekdays.

Ranvir Singh said: “Hosting Riddiculous for ITV is a dream come true! I cannot wait to meet the contestants and see them try to solve the Riddles from Henry!

“I love being with the contestants – finding out about them and what they need the potential winnings for. Also, I’m rubbish at being on quizzes myself so it’s wonderful to have all of the answers for once! Though I never know the answer to the riddles in advance – only Henry has those.”

Henry Lewis added: “I am truly honoured to be co-hosting this terrific new show alongside the awesome Ranvir Singh. The format is brilliant and the whole team are a delight to work with. I can’t wait to get started.”

He continued: “I’ve always loved riddles and puzzles. In fact during lockdown, I started a new business called The Mystery Agency which sells escape room-style puzzle boxes! So when the Riddiculous team got in touch and said they wanted me to read the riddles on their amazing new show, I was incredibly excited indeed.”

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