Survival Of The Fittest spoiler: Sydney Devereaux causes major drama


Sydney Devereaux causes major drama in tonight's Survival Of The Fittest.

This week, the girls won the latest head to head challenge, securing them safety from the public vote.

The boys went up for the viewer poll and last night the girls had to decide which one of them got the boot, and choosing to evict Joel Bennett.

After Sydney made a joke in the deliberations about choosing to Replace Tristan Jones, she has got some of the Girls backs up.

She speaks to Jenny: “I want to keep the team spirit up, I don’t want to break the Girls’ team because my intention was to come here and build it. It’s so clear and visual to me that they are not Girls’ Girls. They’re not here to win as a Girl, they’re here to win as a couple. That’s what they think is going to win them the game.”


She continues: “It’s going to be a harsh reality for the Girls but Maz and Mettisse are vouching for Callum and Tristan more than they are vouching for the Girls. Tristan and Callum, given the opportunity, are not going to vouch for them and I know that for a fact. They are lads, that’s what they are here for.”

In the Tree House, Sydney says: “I think out of the Girls, everyone bar Jenny is playing a game. I thought after coming in and trying to bring the Girls back together, winning two challenges that we’d be really strong but I’ve realised that their ‘relationships’ are probably stronger than what their intentions are in keeping that team morale for the Girls strong.”

Later, the teams get together and play a game. Callum asks Sydney which relationships she think are real in The Lodge and which are fake.

Sydney replies: “Maz and Callum, that’s the [most real.] I don’t think anyone is being fake, I think people are here for themselves. I thought it was a Team game but apparently it’s not. People are here for themselves.”

She says to Tristan: “I think your head could be turned more than someone else’s. And if [your relationship with Mettisse] is genuine, time will tell.”

Mettisse Campbell gets upset in the Tree House: “It is really hard for someone to come in and say they think something you have with someone is fake, even though you believe it’s genuine. It is really hard to know what to believe in here.

"There are so many people in here for different reasons and you do have to remember not everyone is in here for the same reasons as you and not everyone is genuine. I do feel like I have put 100% trust in Tristan. I feel gullible.”

Mettisse is unsettled by Sydney suggesting that Tristan might be being fake in their relationship. Tristan gets annoyed that Mettisse is doubting him.

In the Tree House, he says: “Me and Mettisse had a row tonight because Sydney said Maz and Callum are the only ones that are genuine, implying that I’m fake.”

He leaves Mettisse and talks to Callum: “I’m not going to beg it bro. I came on my own, I can leave on my own. It’s minor. The only person whose feelings I care about are my own.”

Mettisse tells Mariam: “It is difficult with Tristan because he is seen as a player and as much as I don’t want to admit it, I do have my trust issues. I do really struggle and I do really like him.”


The next morning, the drama continues.

But Determined to try and pull it back, Georgia gathers the Girls in the Look Out for a pep talk.

“I felt embarrassed just sat with David. He has come to me and said ‘Georgia, what is happening to the Girls’ team?’ and was laughing about it, to be honest. The Boys think it’s an absolute joke.

"They are saying to me at the moment, [they can only see me and Jenny taking the competition seriously.] He said Mariam and Mettisse are more on the Boys’ team and that you would rather the Boys win than the Girls… I want to make sure that everyone sticks together and are all on the same page.”

“They have said that to create a problem here,” Jenny tells the Girls. “They’re making us questions ourselves, let’s question the Boys.”

Survival Of The Fittest continues at 9PM tonight on ITV2.

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