Survival of the Fittest girls beat the boys in their latest challenge

The Girls and Boys at The Challenge.

The girls beats the boys in their latest Survival of the Fittest challenge tonight.

Last night saw Lottie leave after the girls lost the previous head to head. She's replaced by Sydney who was ready to take on the Boys!

Ahead of the task, she teased Callum and James by saying: “The boys are going down! You actually are going to lose today though.”

Callum told her: “We won’t lose one of our boys. It’s hard though, because I love everyone.”

“No one is safe,” James warned, “I thought I was a goner a few days ago.”

Girls psych up for challenge.
Girls psych up for challenge.

Sydney then got a message announcing the next Team Challenge – ‘Buckets of Fun’ - which will see one member of the losing team get Replaced.

In the Tree House, Sydney said: “I am so excited for today’s Team Challenge! I feel I need to prove myself to the girls and prove to myself that I have the ability to do this. I’m so ready.”

Callum hosted a team talk with the Boys: “No one is bringing us down today. The adrenalin pumps through me and all I want to see is them in there packing their bags. One of them is leaving over that bridge! Let’s get ready to rumble!”

Sydney told the Girls: “I do think they are a little bit threatened today… We’ve got it in the bag. I just feel it.”

“No one is going home today,” Jenny told them.

The teams arrived at the Challenge.

The aim of the game was for each team to get water from a trough across an obstacle course and into their team collection point.

Boys get ready for challenge.
Boys get ready for challenge.

Each team member had a specific role in passing the water from one end to the other. The first team to fill a pipe and retrieved a ball would win.

The girls scored victory, leaving the boys in danger.

One of them will be sent home in Wednesday night's show at 9PM.

Survival of the Fittest airs nightly on ITV2.

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