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Big Brother 2018 has revealed a brand new ‘Blood Money’ twist ahead of Friday’s first eviction.

For this series, Big Brother has opened the ‘Bank of Big Brother’, with its new Big Brother currency ‘Big Coin’. The new currency plays a very important role throughout in the new season.

For the first week, Big Brother explained to the group that there would be no nominations this week and instead the three housemates with the fewest Big Coins will face eviction automatically.

Throughout the week, housemates have had the chance to win Big Coins in various tasks, twists.

At the end of the challenges, Anamélia Silva, Sîan Hamshaw and Kay Lovelle were left as the three poorest housemates and are up for eviction.

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Thursday night saw the end of the Big Coin challenges with a ‘gold digging task’. Housemates had to mine for gold which they could sell to Big Brother in exchange for Big Coins.

At the end of the task the three housemates with the most Big Coins were Akeem Griffiths, Isaac Jagroop and Lewis Gregory.

However there was one last twist with housemates still unaware that Zoe had been given a secret advantage in the game on launch night.

She chose to sleep in bed 13 which had a special significance. It gave her the power to steal another housemates’ bank balance at the end of the week.

Zoe chose to swap with Lewis G, seeing her join Akeem and Isaac as the three richest housemates.

Her choice didn’t impact the bottom three housemates.

Those with the fewest Big Coins and left up for eviction were Anamélia Silva, Sîan Hamshaw and Kay Lovelle.

Big Brother 2018 continues Sunday-Fridays at 10PM on Channel 5. The first eviction takes place on Friday night.

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