Strictly Come Dancing's Brian Conley blasts ridiculous 'fix' claims

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Strictly Come Dancing's Brian Conley has hit back at claims of a 'fix' on the show.

Despite the fact he found himself in the dance off the very first week, it's been claimed that Brian has received 'special treatment' on the show.


The baffling suggestion stems from the fact that Brian's brother works on Strictly as a floor manager.

"Staying in Strictly and doing well is in no small part down to how your clips are edited and the airtime each celebrity gets, so having a family member on staff is bound to help," a source told The Sun newspaper.

It's not quite clear what Brian's floor manager brother has to do with editing of VTs - two completely different jobs - but in any case, any idea of a 'fix' seems ridiculous given Brian's appearance in the dance off.

Hitting back, the comic said in a video on Instagram: "I can't believe it. They're saying I'm getting special treatment... if my brother was giving me special treatment, how comes I was right at the bottom on the first week... and in the dance off?"

Brian laughed: "He's not doing a very good job my brother."

Suggesting the 'special treatment' his brother could have offered, Brian went on: "He could maybe get me a cup of tea... or what else he could do? Extra servings in the canteen?

"He's not the director, he's nothing to do with the judging, he doesn't deal with the phone calls... 'What's that 50 votes for Brian? One for Aston...' He's my brother and i'm so proud of him."


Brian added: "It's funny."

Strictly Come Dancing 2017 continues Saturday and Sunday nights on BBC One.

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