Strictly Come Dancing line up: The celebrities who said no to the show

strictly who said no

As Strictly Come Dancing gears up for another year, here's a look at the celebs who said NO to the show.

It may be one of the biggest TV shows on UK telly, but not everyone is racing to say yes to offers from producers.


Here's just some of the celebrities who have turned down Strictly over the years...

Nadiya Hussain
The Great British Bake Off winner revealed to The Guardian in 2020: "I got asked to do Strictly, but I said no. I love the idea, but have no rhythm and I enjoy watching it too much; once you see how a programme works from the inside, it changes how you see it."

Bradley Walsh. Picture: ITV
Bradley Walsh. Picture: ITV

Bradley Walsh
The TV host of The Chase says he's been "asked a couple of times" to go on Strictly but always said no. He shared: "I’m not a dancer. I don’t even think I’m a good dad dancer. I’m a bad dad dancer, which makes things even worse."

Greg James
The Radio 1 DJ says he "politely declined" an offer from Strictly bosses to appear on the 2020 line up. Speaking to his listeners on his show, Greg revealed last year: "They asked me to be on this year, did you know that? I politely declined. I'm too tired, too tired for that."

John Torode
MasterChef judge John Torode won't be following his co-star Greg Wallace into the ballroom. He told the Daily Star newspaper: "They asked me – I'd love to dance.

"But I'm not doing it. I'm not going to put myself under that sort of pressure. It's not something I want to do… definitely not!"


Martin Kemp
Spandau Ballet star and recent judge on BBC One's Let It Shine, Martin Kemp said: "They ask me a lot [to go on Strictly Come Dancing] [but] I can't dance. There are some things I have to admit I can't do."

Karren Brady
Lord Sugar's right hand lady on The Apprentice said she's been asked to take part on Strictly - and other shows - all the time. "I got asked to a cooking show when I can’t even cook! I’ve been asked to Strictly a number of times. Every year actually," Karren said.

Mel Giedroyc
TV presenter Mel Giedroyc, ex host of the Great British Bake Off, previously revealed she was made an offer by show bosses but said no. "I love watching it so much I almost didn't want to spoil the pleasure by being on it," she told the Radio Times magazine (via BBC News).

Sue Perkins, Mel Giedroyc
Sue Perkins and Mel Giedroyc

Alison King
Coronation Street’s Alison King is one soap star we won't see on Strictly. "I was offered a few of the celeb shows such as Strictly Come Dancing," she told the Radio Times previously, “But I just didn’t fancy it."

Alan Titchmarsh
The TV presenter Alan Titchmarsh famous for his gardening shows quipped: "My wife says my gardeners’ knees won’t take the lifts"

Mel C
Spice Girl Mel C has claimed she's been asked every year to take part in the series but always said no. Chatting to the Daily Star newspaper, Mel C explained: “Strictly is really the only one of those shows that I would consider and I have had a meeting with them – they ask me every year to do it."

“The problem is if you do Strictly it’s so high profile and you’ll find yourself in the sidebar of shame every day. And the money’s s***!”

Noel Edmonds
TV's Noel Edmonds says he's repeatedly turned down Strictly Come Dancing. And it's all because of the show's supposed 'curse' on relationships.


Chatting to The Sun newspaper, the recent I'm A Celebrity camper claimed he had been asked to take part in the show regularly but wasn't sure about dancing with a "half naked woman" each weekend.

"They approach me every year," he said. “Liz [Noel's wife], who used to be a professional dancer, said, ‘Look you’re actually quite good and I could train you to be good and you’d have fun and all of this.’

“And I said, ‘Do you really want to see me spending eight hours a day for four months draped over some half-naked woman?’

“And she had a think about it and went, ‘Hmmm . . . I can see your point!’”

Noel Edmonds.
Noel Edmonds previously took part in I'm A Celeb

Steph McGovern
Presenter Steph McGovern says she turned down Strictly Come Dancing last year (2020) in order to launch her Channel 4 series, Steph’s Packed Lunch.

Steph revealed: "I have actually been asked a couple of times. I got asked again this year but obviously I had a show to launch."

However she didn't rule out taking part in the future, replying when asked if she'd ever do the show: "Maybe, I don’t know."

Dawn French
"They’ve approached me in a circling way before. The problem is if I did it, I’d want to do it and properly dance," comedian Dawn French revealed in her podcast French & Saunders: T**ting Around. “At this age, you’re not taken seriously. Also if you’re from comedy, they want to shoot you out of a cannon like Ann Widdecombe and I don’t want that.


“I want the nicest dress, the most elegant other dancer and to take it seriously and nobody would want that.”

Kate Humble
Springwatch presenter Kate Humble was in talks with show bosses but got cold feet.

Kate told the Daily Mirror newspaper in the past: "When we got to the meeting, the more talk there was of sequins, make-up and Strictly Takes Two, the more I could feel myself pouring with sweat. It’s just not me and I was literally about to have a panic attack at the thought of wearing make up and dresses!

"My agent realised and gently put her hand on my knee as if to say ‘it’s ok, don't worry’.


“There are so many people who love it and get so much out of it but I will stick to animals and being mucky. I am better at that. That’s more my comfort zone.”

Strictly Come Dancing airs on BBC One.

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