Ready To Mingle next episode, cast and how to watch new ITV2 show online

Ready To Mingle is ITV2’s new dating game show – here’s all you need to know.


Comedian Katherine Ryan hosts as a single girl searches for her perfect partner from twelve potential male suitors.

The men are competing for the chance to win a big money prize – but not all of them are single with a number of them being guided by their partners in pursuit of the cash.

Taking up residence in a luxurious house, the single girl will get to know all the boys as she eliminates them one at a time until her ‘dream man’ remains. They may not all be single, but they’re all Ready to Mingle.

Sophia Maria. Picture: ITV/Potato
Single girl Sophia Maria. Picture: ITV/Potato

Watch Ready To Mingle on TV and online

Ready To Mingle begins on Monday, 6 September at 9PM on ITV2. Episodes will continue weeknights on ITV2.

As well as watching online, each week’s episodes will be available to stream every Monday on the ITV Hub.

Alongside the main show, Saturday nights will see Ready To Mingle: No Filter where Katherine shares all the funniest and naughtiest unseen moments from the past week in the Ready To Mingle house.


Says Katherine: “I think at first glance it seems like a girl’s dream to be in a beautiful luxury house with 12 hot guys but soon you’d realise that it’s quite a demanding challenge because some of them are lying to you, some of them are not.

“You really have to be on your toes. You can’t enjoy the coastline. You have to be invested in the game all the time and really second guessing yourself at what is true love. It’s kind of a dream scenario with some nightmarish twists, potentially.”

Meet the cast!

Ready To Mingle on ITV and ITV Hub
Ready To Mingle on ITV and ITV Hub

The girl at the centre of it all is 24-year-old Sophia Maria from Brighton & Hove.

She says: “I wear my heart on my sleeve and I go into things head first if I really like someone, I just tell them straight up and I don’t always play things cool. I’m not good at hiding any kind of emotion -even anger or frustration.

“I like a dominant guy, someone who’s headstrong. I like being bought flowers and presents and I like a cup of tea in the morning.”

The men after her affections include John Okafor, a 22-year-old Masters Student And Semi-professional Rugby Player from Leeds; Casey Sonnekus, a 22-year-old Railway Worker from Bridgend; Louie Akinwale, a 27-year-old Model/handbag Designer from Essex; Hakeem Amao, a 32-year-old Personal Trainer from London and Malcolm Modele, a 33-year-old Actor And Entrepreneur from London.


They’re joined by Rudi Senghore, a 27-year-old Carpenter from St Albans; Chris Baber, a 27-year-old Electrical Engineer from Newquay; Louis Hart, a 24-year-old Property Developer from Devon; Toby Bougouneau, a 24-year-old Model from Manchester; Elliott Miles, a 28-year-old Electrician from Hertfordshire; Drew Wedlake, a 26-year-old Professional Boxer from Bristol and Lewis Croker, a 24-year-old Firefighter from Somerset.

Watch the video below for more!

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