Ready To Mingle cast: Meet the singletons on new ITV2 show

Ready To Mingle cast contestants, boys and Instagram usernames

Ready To Mingle arrives on ITV2 this week – meet the cast of the new reality dating game show here!

Ready To Mingle follows a single girl – Sophia – who is looking for her dream partner from 12 potential matches.

However with a cash prize up for grabs, not all the men are after love. A number of them being guided by their partners in pursuit of the prize.

Living together under one roof, Sophia will get to know the guys through a series of activities, games and dates before eliminating them one by one. Which boy will be left standing? Can she suss out who is the real deal?

Ready to Mingle starts tonight at 9PM on ITV2 and ITV Hub.

For now, meet the cast below!

Meet the Ready To Mingle cast

Sophia Maria

Sophia Maria. Picture: ITV/Potato
Sophia Maria. Picture: ITV/Potato

Age: 24
From: Brighton & Hove
Instagram username: @sophiaadus

On what she’s looking for in a partner, Sophia says: “I’ve always gone for a fit guy, someone who takes a lot of pride in his physical appearance and goes to the gym a lot –I really, really like muscles. Looks-wise, Tom Hardy is my vibe. I like a bit of facial hair and tattoos. Personality-wise, the comedian Kevin Hart is my type. I need someone who’s going to make me laugh. I’m 5ft 8in, so I like someone to be 5ft 11in or above. But I don’t like them too tall.”


John Okafor

John Okafor.
John Okafor. Picture: ITV/Potato

Age: 22
From: London – Lives In Leeds
Job: Masters Student And Semi-professional Rugby Player
Instagram username: @johnokafor__

On what he’s looking for in a girl, John says: “She has to be fun and attractive -I like a girl with a nice bum. I’m a pretty easy-going guy, I don’t take things too seriously, I’m not an intense person, so someone to match my energy and enjoy life with would be cool. Hair colour doesn’t really bother me -I don’t like to box myself off from all the fruits of the world.”


Casey Sonnekus

Casey Sonnekus.
Casey Sonnekus. Picture: ITV/Potato

Age: 22
From: South Africa – Lives In Bridgend
Job: Railway Worker
Instagram username: @cas_sonnekus

Casey says of his ideal partner: “Confidence -she knows who she is and she’s happy with who she is. I don’t like someone who tries to be someone they’re not –I don’t like cocky but I like someone who knows their worth. And I like blondes, blue eyes or green eyes. All my girlfriends have looked the same.”


Louie Akinwale

Louie Akinwale.
Louie Akinwale. Picture: ITV/Potato

Age: 27
From: Essex
Job: Model/handbag Designer
Instagram username: @louieakinwale

Asked what sort of boyfriend he is, Louie says: “Very caring, thoughtful and a bit mischievous -I like to throw in a few surprises. In the past, I’ve spontaneously booked a festival ticket in Croatia for a girlfriend. We woke up and I told her to get her bags ready. It was super fun.”


Hakeem Amao

Hakeem Amao.
Hakeem Amao. Picture: ITV/Potato

Age: 32
From: London
Job: Personal Trainer
Instagram username: @hakeem_tru.physique

Says Hakeem: “I don’t take things too seriously. I’m a good listener -you can talk to me about anything and I won’t judge. I’m willing to see your side of things. I’m always up for a laugh and I’m incredibly loyal. I’ve got friends from primary school that I’d do anything for.”


Malcolm Modele

Malcolm Modele
Malcolm Modele. Picture: ITV/Potato

Age: 33
From: Gloucester – Lives In London
Job: Actor And Entrepreneur
Instagram username: @malcolmmodele

Malcolm reveals of his best date: “I rented a canal boat for her birthday. I invited all of her friends, made a cheesecake, bought lots of alcohol and then we had a house party afterwards. Chivalry isn’t dead with me -I’ve always been the one to plan, prep and execute the dates. I tend to keep away from things like the cinema as you don’t get to know anyone. I lived in America for a bit, so picnics on beaches are also good dates.”


Rudi Senghore

Rudi Senghore.
Rudi Senghore. Picture: ITV/Potato

Age: 27
From: Essex – Lives In St Albans
Job: Carpenter
Instagram username: @rudiseng_

Rudi says: “I rate myself really highly. I’m generous, selfless, most of the time and very supportive. I’ve got loads of love to give and I’m just an all-round good guy.”


Chris Baber

Chris Baber
Chris Baber. Picture: ITV/Potato

Age: 27
From: Newquay
Job: Electrical Engineer
Instagram username: @chris_baber

Chris says of the best date he’s organised: “I hate calling it a date -it’s so much pressure. One of the best dates I’ve had is by the beach -loads of rugs, a bottle of red wine and just sitting, chilling and watching the sunset. The perfect date is talking for hours and finding out about them.”


Louis Hart

Louis Hart
Louis Hart. Picture: ITV/Potato

Age: 24
From: Essex – Lives In Devon
Job: Property Developer
Instagram username: @louishart__

Louis says: “I’m very outgoing. I probably need to work on romantic gestures, but I think I do well with making the memories and organisingthings to do. The type of things I’d pay out for are experiences, like a city break or a zip wire experience.”


Toby Bougouneau

Toby Bougouneau.
Toby Bougouneau. Picture: ITV/Potato

Age: 24
From: Exeter – Lives In Manchester
Job: Model
Instagram username: @7toby

Toby says: “I’m chilled, just myself. I don’t take things too seriously. I like to be friends first and not have the stress of telling each other what to do. I hate it when people say, ‘You can’t go out.’ I’m very much my own person and still want to see my friends. I like to think I’m kind and patient, too.”


Elliott Miles

Elliott Miles
Elliott Miles, Picture: ITV/Potato

Age: 28
From: Hertfordshire
Job: Electrician
Instagram username: @elliottmiles14

Elliot describes himself as “Loyal, trustworthy, patient and kind”, adding: “I’ve been brought up to be honest and communicate well. If there’s any problems, we should talk about them.”


Drew Wedlake

Drew Wedlake.
Drew Wedlake. Picture: ITV/Potato

Age: 26
From: Bristol
Job: Professional Boxer
Instagram username: @dwedlake

Drew says of signing up: “I thought the girl must be really fit if she’s going to have that many blokes fighting over her. And I’m really competitive so I want to win anything I get involved with. I was definitely interested in the cash prize, but it was more about winning the girl.”


Lewis Croker

Lewis Croker
Lewis Croker. Picture: ITV/Potato

Age: 24
From: Somerset
Job: Firefighter
Instagram username: @lewiscroker_

On what he’s looking for in a relationship, Lewis says: “Any girl can be beautiful, but it depends on what she’s like personality-wise and if we click. Having a good sense of humour is important, plus confidence.”


Ready to Mingle starts Monday, 6 September on ITV2 and ITV Hub

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