Pete Wicks’ tears over pig on Celebrity Island puzzle viewers

Pete Wicks was in tears in last night’s Celebrity Island after the death of a pig.


But viewers were left rather perplexed by his reaction – with a number branding the TOWIE star a “hypocrite” after previously spearing a stingray to eat.

In Sunday’s episode, the celebs somehow managed to find and capture a pig on the island.

But they were left in dispute about what to do, with some of the group – led by Pete – refusing to kill it for food.

While they decided on a plan of action, the pig was tied to a tree where it ended up accidentally strangling itself.

Pete was left in tears and begged the group not to eat the pig, instead opting to bury it at sea out of ‘respect’.

Viewers were quite puzzled by pescetarian Pete, who was previously seen killing and eating fish on the show.


One wrote on Twitter: “Does Pete actually not realise FISH ARE LIVING CREATURES!!? listen to him on his moral high ground talking about not killing creatures but happily speared a fish & a stingray. #celebrityisland”

Another posted online: “@P_Wicks01 wants to bury the pig “out of respect” yet happy to stab a stingray in the head? Hypocrisy at its finest #celebrityisland”

A third agreed: “Pete wicks is a moron. End of. Fish are animals and you didn’t mind killing them. Bore off. #CelebrityIsland”

Alongside Pete, celebs left on the island are currently Academy Award and Golden Globe nominated actor, Eric Roberts, actor and musician, Martin Kemp, double Olympic gold medal rower, James Cracknell, Olympic boxer, Anthony Ogogo and TOWIE star, Pete Wicks.


Joining them are model and TV personality, Jo Wood and TV doctor, Dr Saleyha Ahsan.

Celebrity Island airs at 9PM on Sunday night, Channel 4.