Nicola Adams hits back at trolls ahead of Strictly Come Dancing debut

Nicola Adams has told those who have a problem with her dancing with another woman on Strictly to switch over.


Two-time Olympic boxer Nicola Adams OBE is one of the twelve celebrities on this year’s Strictly Come Dancing line up.

It has been announced she will be a part of the show’s first same sex celebrity and professional couple, saying: “I want to thank the BBC for supporting me and making me the first ever all female-pairing; and it’s amazing to be a part of the movement for change, diversity and breaking boundaries in the entertainment industry.”

Speaking ahead of Saturday’s launch show, Nicola told those who take issue with the pairing to either “deal with it or switch to another channel”.

“This is 2020. We have to move with the times,” she said. “I’ve been through my mum and dad separating, domestic violence, back injuries, having to look after my brother when I was 13 when my mum had meningitis.

“So someone’s going to comment on Twitter? It’s nothing, it won’t faze me at all. If they don’t like it, they’re going to have to deal with it or switch to another channel.”

In an interview with the Radio Times, Nicola went on to reveal the praise she had already received ahead of the first episode.

The boxer shared: “I’ve already got girls saying they’re so happy I’m doing Strictly. Being a role model isn’t something I planned, but I take it in my stride.


“I guess I just roll with the punches – excuse the pun.”

Strictly Come Dancing starts Saturday night on BBC One at 7:50PM.