Move over Ant & Dec, Claudia Winkleman is coming for your awards

The Traitors host Claudia Winkleman sitting in the castle

Ahead of The Traitors final tonight there’s already a clear winner in our eyes.

With the game of deceit once again gripping the nation, host Claudia Winkleman has emerged as a beacon of charisma, wit and “an awful lot of tweed”.

As great as the format is, we’re not convinced the show would have been quite as successful without Claudia’s delightful blend of self-deprecation, sharp humour, and a candid warmth. Not to mention that fringe.

Claudia also hasn’t been afraid to confront some of the more “problematic” elements of the game.

Claudia Winkleman poses in The Traitors castle

Speaking about hosting the new series, Claudia said: “I stand at that round table trying to just melt into the walls and I’m backing both sides. I so want them to catch a Traitor and I also want the Traitors to get away with it.

“In the end I respect and admire gameplay and there’s a lot of that in this series. I want both the Faithful and Traitors to win, which is confusing”

As for what Claudia will be doing during tonight’s final, she quipped this week: “I’ll be under a blanket with my puppy. That’s not code.”

Move over Ant & Dec, Claudia is surely coming for your awards.

The Traitors final airs tonight at 9PM on BBC One and iPlayer. Catch up with recent episodes on iPlayer now.

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