Megan Barton Hanson blasts Dancing On Ice viewers for ‘attacking’ her

Love Island’s Megan Barton Hanson has hit out at Dancing On Ice viewers for ‘attacking’ her after Sunday’s show.


Megan, girlfriend of Love Island co-star and Dancing On Ice contestant Wes Nelson, has been making headlines since the weekend.

It’s after she hit out at Wes’ pro skater Vanessa Bauer in a bizarre social media rant, accusing the performer of not ‘respecting’ her.

Megan also found herself being branded ‘sour’ over pictures of her in the audience looking rather unimpressed.

“I woke up Monday morning and it felt like I was being attacked,” Mega hit back this week. “I sat there during the show and I was so happy for him and it must have been 0.2 seconds that my face was relaxed and I wasn’t smiling – and now I’m bitter and a sour ex? What the hell.”

She told The Sun newspaper: “I felt backed into a corner. I was only there to support Wes but now I’ve become the focus. We were on such a high after his amazing scores and to wake up in the morning and see that people had been saying I’ve had so much Botox I can’t even frown – I wouldn’t be frowning anyway.

“Wes is my boyfriend and I love him so much. I went to the show to support him, I didn’t realise I would be on camera or made to answer questions.”


Wes previously stepped in to defend Megan after Dancing On Ice pro Matt Evers took aim at her.

Matt criticised Megan as she watched on during Sunday’s show after claiming the skaters’ outfits were “so not manly.”

“Her and I aren’t necessarily best of friends through things that she has said about our show previously,” Matt told the Heart breakfast radio show on Monday. “And again like I said earlier on the show here, I will defend Dancing On Ice. It is not unmanly to wear sequins and lycra, OK?”

He added: “She did look a little bit sour last night. Be supportive of your boyfriend. You know, he’s working his little tail off right now and he was fantastic.”

However Wes snapped back in a post on social media: “Are you really that hungry pal? Megs gone out of her way to support me cheering me on and you still beg headlines attacking her.


“Give the damn girl a break. I can assure you shes fully supportive of me and my career. She’s human and can’t smile two hours in a row.”

Dancing On Ice continues Sunday nights on ITV from 6PM.