Married At First Sight 2019: Meet the couples in the new series

New series is here

Channel 4’s Married At First Sight concludes its brand new series for 2019 tonight.

The controversial reality show sees sets of strangers marry one another before being followed around for their first six weeks together.

At the end of the ‘experiment’, they’ll have the choice of whether to stay together or get divorced.

So far none of the Married At First Sight couples have stayed together – but could that change this year?

Over 7,000 people contacted Married at First Sight – keen to permanently change their relationship status from ‘single’ to ‘married’.

Putting their trust in science and a panel of experts, they signed up for the chance of a match and the possibility of marrying someone they will only meet seconds before saying ‘I do’.

But the path from ‘single’ to ‘married’ is far from easy, especially when you are about to marry a complete stranger….

This year’s couples heading down the aisle are Nurse, Steph & Property Manager, Jonathan, and Office Manager, Verity & IT consultant, Jack.

In tonight’s final episode, the couples are now in the final weeks of the experiment to see if their marriages have a long-term future. The countdown to the moment the couples agree to stay together or seek a divorce has started. But will both couples even survive until Decision Day?

Jonathan & Steph

Steph and Jonathan
Steph and Jonathan

Jonathan is looking for a new spark in life. He’s an active guy, runs every day, visits the gym and does yoga twice a week. He has travelled extensively and would love a future partner who would equally enjoy his adventures.

Jonathan doesn’t really have a type when it comes to women, although at 6’2’ he would prefer a tall woman. Deal breakers would be someome lazy without the same drive.

Steph doesn’t need grand romantic gestures – but wants to find someone who is ready to make a commitment. It’s important for them to be honest with each other about what they want.

Married at First Sight appeals to Steph as she doesn’t mind the unconventional the ‘traditional’ route. Marrying a stranger would be a refreshing change and Steph thinks it would be lovely to start out with a clean slate and to know that the series’ experts believe you have a good chance of making it.

Jack & Verity

Verity & Jack
Verity & Jack


Originally from Brighton, family is everything to Jack; his parents’ forty year marriage inspires him to have that same close knit family of his own – his mum is desperate for him to find love and looks forward to becoming a grandmother.

Jack would love to be matched with someone he can make feel special and who can make him smile. Deal breakers for Jack are someone who is malicious or manipulative.


Originally from Norfolk, Verity’s main ambition in life now, is to marry someone. Within in the next five years, she would like to be happy and settled with a partner, and for them to own a home together. Deal breakers for Verity are someone who is misogynistic, homophobia with extreme body modifications – although tatts are fine!

Verity has been single for two years and has had two long-term relationships – one lasting five years and the other for two years. She would like to have children in the future, ideally in the next five years.

Married At First Sight airs Wednesday nights at 9PM on Channel 4.