Love Island’s Rykard Jenkins and Rachel Fenton have split after 18 months

Love Island’s Rykard Jenkins and Rachel Fenton have split after 18 months together.


Rykard and Rachel coupled up on Love Island in 2016 but split when she was voted out by the public.

However Rykard took the shock step of quitting the show to be with Rachel and they stayed together on the outside for the past year.

But Rachel this week took to Twitter to announce they had split.

“Rykard and I are no longer together, we have decided to go our separate ways but I wish him all the best with his future,” she tweeted.

Speaking last year, the duo said they felt that ditching life in the Love Island villa had given them the chance to make things work.

“In that villa it’s like a pressure cooker and they try and manipulate you to how they want,” Rykard said. “Now, the difference is in my case than in Rachel’s case. If you don’t want to be manipulated or you don’t want the show to run you then get out the show.


“It’s not hard. Not in a horrible way. That’s why I don’t feel too sorry for anyone who is staying in the show when they have an opportunity to leave. If you stay in the show and your partner is out, you’re in it more for yourself then as a couple.”

Speaking to the Daily Mirror newspaper, the couple revealed they “can’t keep our hands off each other.”

Rachel declared: “We are officially together and we’re really happy.”


Rykard added: “I’ve met [Rachel’s] family. I love them and they have really welcomed me with open arms. Rachel is yet to meet my family as we’ve been so busy in London. We thought we might get a break to we have a busy couple of months ahead.

“We’ve planned a couple of holidays – we’re going to go to America. We’ve got jobs to do as well. We’re just doing what couples do.”

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