Love Island’s André Furtado speaks out after exit: ‘It was a real shocker’


Love Island’s André Furtado has spoken out after his exit from the villa this evening.

Friday night saw André one of three boys at risk after a public vote alongside Sammy Root and Zachariah Noble.

It was the girls who had to decide who to dump, choosing to send André home.

Speaking about his departure, André admitted: “It was a real shocker for me. Of course we know the saying ‘expect the unexpected’ has to be in our heads in the Villa, but we get caught up in just living in the moment day-to-day.

The three vulnerable boys

“When I came to the understanding I was among the vulnerable Islanders it wasn’t the best feeling. Catherine was also among the most vulnerable Islanders and in my mind I was thinking, ‘I definitely don’t want this to be the end of her experience, let alone mine as well.'”

He continued: “To be honest, I acknowledge it wasn’t an easy decision. Personally I would have loved to stay. Mainly because me and Catherine had done a full circle, branching out and then coming back to each other.

“It showed the strength in our connection. Whereas with the other two, they were still dabbling to see which connection they were gravitating more towards.

“But there’s no hard feelings at all. Of course I would have liked it to go a different route and further develop my connection with Catherine, however, as I’ve said, you’ve got to expect the unexpected.”

Speaking about Catherine’s reaction, André added: “I could tell in her emotion she wasn’t happy with the decision.

“Just before I left I told her she has got to have the most fun on this journey and remember what we all came here for. Although I was potentially what she came here for she’s now got to look past that and make sure she is very appreciative and grateful for the next steps.”

The six at risk Islanders await the results

And he said he hopes to continue things outside the villa: “The way that we clicked that second time was like no other. Both of us opened up to each other a lot more, in a deeper and more romantic way – it was amazing to be honest.

“If she does find a strong connection in the meantime in the Villa, I will be happy for her, but I will be even happier if it’s with me.”

Alongside André, Charlotte Sumner also got the boot on Friday after being in the bottom three girls alongside Catherine and Leah.

Love Island continues nightly at 9PM on ITV2.

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